How To Repair Laptop/Notebook Keyboard

This time the discussion was about how Service Keyboard Laptop/Notebook. This article we get from the experience of our friends. Accident damaged laptop keyboard HP Compaq branded this time. Let's find out together.

Prior to the discussion of How Service Keyboard Laptop/Notebook, we discuss some of the causes of defective first laptop/notebook keyboard, namely:
  • The keyboard is exposed to water
  • Due to dust
  • Due to the humid room.
The damage often occurs on laptop/notebook keyboard is one of the keys of the keyboard are not functioning or even laptop/notebook keyboard was broken it was moving on its own like there are pushing it down.

This occurs due to sticking to the second layer of carbon on flexible keyboard (due to a fungus or dirty) so that the keyboard keys can be pressed, or even can not be used at all.

Faulty keyboard characteristics are the repeated beeps sound when laptop is turned on.

Here's how the Service Keyboard Laptop/Notebook:

  • Prepare a small cutter which is still new (sharp)
  • Specify the keyboard keys are roughly problematic. In this case a broken tab button.
  • Take the keyboard keys are broken by tilting and grab a rubber imaginable underneath.
  • There are 2 rubber under a layer of carbon is circular. Ripped a third circle of carbon deposits.

  • Clean the carbon deposits between the two with a cutter that, by way of a swipe, but do not be too hard, just only remove dirt between the two layers of carbon. If it's too hard carbon coating were feared lost.
  • The Keyboard is ready to try, and if it is OK, you may reattach the rubber buttons and keyboard.

Good Luck.

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