Intel Haswell Increase Laptop Battery Life

Intel Haswell debuted with a show for the laptop. One of the PC vendors from Germany adopted and has been showing off a laptop design concept is supported by the processor upgrade from Intel.

Reported by Cnet, Wednesday (14/8/2013), high-end laptops with processors from Intel's fourth generation performed in Germany from DevilTech's website. Reportedly, a laptop with quad core ' power ' Intel Core i7 has a code name 4800MQ and 4900MQ.

Third generation processors compared to the Ivy Bridge, Haswell reportedly comes with faster performance of the graphics processing unit (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU).

To date, the key strengths that proclaims the Pcadvisor of processor power efficiency is Haswell. Intel also said that the laptop generation uses Haswell will be in attendance with a thinner and lighter.

One of the vendors is terkemua Apple, which also update it with their laptops with processors Haswell. The company founded by Steve Jobs is the latest Intel processors incorporate it into the design of the besutannya laptop, the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is claimed to have exceptional battery endurance. Apple also revealed that the increased durability of batteries can last from seven to 12 hours to 13-inch version. Based on testing Pcadvisor, even a laptop can live nearly 14 hours.

Sony also adopting laptops based Haswell by presenting Vaio Pro. Based on the same test using chip Haswell, Sony was unable to match the power of the battery the MacBook Air, but the thinness and weight, Vaio Pro claimed the lighter weights with 1.06 pounds.

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