Logitech Wireless Mouse Wireless Mouse Mini M187

Logitech recently presented a Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse with the latest color collection M187 blue and orange. Logitech Wireless Mouse wireless mouse mini M187 is supporting the activities of its users with computing reliability of performance as well as performing with colorful designs

Through a press release that earned us, Sunday (22/9/2013), this diminutive mouse can freely put into your Pocket is very suitable to be used as the best friend to a dynamic private, whether from students to professionals who have high mobility.

"Reliability performance has become the identity of Logitech products so that customers are always satisfied and delighted in using it. In addition, the beauty of the design is also an important factor in building a love Logitech products to customers, "said Kurniadih Chinese Indonesian surname, Country Manager of Logitech Indonesia.

He said, Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse with the latest color collection M187 that we present today is a mix of reliability performance and the beauty of the design. "We expect professionals getting excited and productive, while also increasing students active in computerize thanks to the support of full-color mini wireless mouse from Logitech's cheerful," he said.

Light colors are presented through the Logitech ® Wireless Mini Mouse M187 very interesting and able to express a mood that is always full of vigor. Its usage is quite easy. Users stayed plugging the nano receiver and after that can directly use it. Nano receiver mouse mini is small enough to remain in the USB port. If the user wishes to remove and switch to other devices do not need to worry about to disappear, because the receiver can be stored inside the mouse.

Logitech ® Wireless Mini Mouse M187 can be used on all of the computers that are using operating system Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.5 or newer series, and Linux kernel 2.6 +. Tiny Mouse with weights 40.5 grams is presented with limited warranty for 3 years. Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187 currently available on the market with Indonesia retail prices USD14,99.

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  1. Those mouses are really good and also in low price. Those mouses are looking pretty good and stylish. And also those mouse reviews are very good.


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