The Easiest Way To Download Youtube Videos Without Software

To initiate this time I will be sharing a tutorial how to download Youtube videos easily. Perhaps it is true at present many ways to download videos on Youtube. Various software download video is already widely distributed on the internet, that much of the free. You can simply select the software which is the best according to you. For me personally until recently still rely on software for IDM download, including download Youtube video.
And I am sure most of you must also use the IDM to download videos on Youtube. IDM is indeed a multi-purpose software download, plus now plus more features, including downloadable videos.

If you are the user identified as IDM visiting one of the Youtube videos, then automatically Download with IDM button will appear, usually at the top of the video. Live click the download button, then an automated video we are seeing will be downloaded. The download files also usually are offered in a variety of formats, such as flv, mp4, 3gp and others. Just choose the video format that you want, simply right.

But it was a time when I saw a video on Youtube is somehow the Download with IDM does not appear. I've repeatedly reload the Youtube video of the address but still the download button does not appear. My personal opinion, anyway this video may have a copyright and may not be downloaded deliberately. That time I saw a video clip music Indonesia, and uploaded the video is VEVO. I go to other videos from VEVO is also no key Download with IDM. Mean it video uploaded by VEVO is not allowed to be downloaded copyrighted alias.

Well, for those of you who frequently experience problems like this in my difficulty, how to download videos on Youtube, it turns out there are the easiest way to get the video you want to download. Do I simply add the letters "ss" without the quotes, in front of the youtube url. For example the url of Youtube: and then you add the ss in front of Youtube becomes And then press enter. Then you will be taken to the download page of Savefrom.Net website. There is provided a link to download the video in a variety of video formats that you can choose. Click more to see the other video format options. Download Delish in this way also provided video format choices are also more complete.

Click the link to download the videos of your choice, according to the format flv, mp4, 3gp, or another. Normally if you click on one of the videos then the download process will take place through the browser you are using. But if you want to download using IDM, just right click on the download link, and then select the Download with IDM.

Thus the share of my times it's about the easiest way to download Youtube videos. Without the use of software, add on, or else, simply add the letters ss in front of the url of the Youtube video you can download video from Youtube. May I share this little benefit to you?

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