Excess Android OS version 4.1 Jelly Bean

After the advent of Android 4.0 ICS android is now present also newer, of course, with the advantages that brings. Version that comes as a complete system generation android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich is Android version 4.1, known as Android Jelly Bean.

Google has officially showcased the android version ( Andoid Jelly Bean ) as the latest generation of Android . Through the mat Google I / O, which was held in San Francisco, United States, veil Android Jelly Bean discussed the recent warm start all gadget fans finally revealed.
There are some big changes or small changes that make the Jelly Bean look more ' cute ' than Ice Cream Sanwich (ICS).

Android ICS so fascinating to a better level of responsiveness, the end is still to be perfected with Android Jelly Bean that offers more comfort with Project Butter. Butter Project in Android Jelly Bean Android not only change the appearance more attractive, but is also designed to optimize the capabilities of System on Chip ( SoC ) on a gadget product . According to Google there are 3 things that make Project Butter look stunning, for anti flickr Vsync and Triple Buffering to optimize OpenGL, then the optimization of the processor to improve the responsiveness of the gadget. So not only touches are responded to quickly, Jelly Bean also made ​​a smooth transfer of the application.

In addition to application Now that Google is a location-based application is claimed to provide more important information to its users, it is one of the excellent features in Andoid Jelly Bean 4.1. Unlike location-based systems in general, now can work using the Google search history from the browser, calendar and location of the user. It is believed to result in more relevant information for each user. For example when the user is not scheduled meeting somewhere, Now Google apps will help you to remind you to come on time to inform the estimated travel time, bus schedules to get to the destination, etc.

What about the existing notification in Android Jelly Bean? Obviously getting smarter, because when the user got a missed call, then call back to get through the notification bar.

How to use voice to search mode? Actually in previous Android versions are available, but now is ​​more smart features with the ability to answer. That's some added value and advantages of android version 4.1 Jelly Bean, hopefully this info is useful.

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