How to Use Dropbox

Dropbox is cloud-based service to store many files. How to use dropbox is not difficult, we can use the free dropbox service.

Any connected file will be automatically connected to your computer, cell phone, or other device using the application dropbox.

Simply put it this way, with dropbox, we can store the files which have been created in the Office computer, without having to carry it through a pendrive to a home computer.

Any file that we save on dropbox, these files are automatically distributed to the computer/gadget that uses the same dropbox account or already synchronized. The first requirement to get started you need to have dropbox account in advance. You can Sign Up Dropbox here.

How To Use Dropbox

Before we started using dropbox, I will show step by step how to install dropbox on windows.

After we signed up for dropbox, next we should download the application dropbox. Download dropbox, after that we will begin to install it. Select the "I already have a Dropbox account", we signed up it before. Then log in with the account you created before.

Install Dropbox as you install programs, save the dropbox mostly in drive C: or select "Typical, setup dropbox with normal setting".

Dropbox provides free storage is only 2 GB, but you can add to it with the upgrade.

The better choice is choose the 2 GB storage for free first, and then after that you have upgraded. But, if the upgrade is not the best option, you could try dropbox alternatives that provide larger space.

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