Android Tablet Market hold 62%

Android is an operating system for a tablet at most a lot in the market, namely master share 61,9% in 2013. No less than 120 million units sold last year Android tablet, up from 53,3 million units or with a market share of 45,8% in 2012. According to Gartner, as cited by Computerworld.

In Android tablet, Samsung, which controlled the market, with a share of 19.1%, or sell no fewer than 37,4 million units. But overall the market, Apple is still the largest seller of vendors as a tablet. Last year Apple sold 70,4 million units, there is an increase in sales of 61.5 million units in 2012. However Apple's market share fell from 52,8% in 2012, to 36% in the past year. This is due to the growth of the market of tablet are very rapidly.

Total sales tablet worldwide by 2013 as much as 195,4 million units. Sales supported by the low-end segment, small screen, tablet and the purchase by the buyer who first bought the tablet.

Windows Tablet only 2.1% market although there are sales growth from 1.2 million to 4 million units a year ago.

In addition to Apple and Samsung, which belong to the top 5 most tablet is the seller, Amazon, Asus and Lenovo. Asus sold 11 million units, the Amazon of 9.4 million, and Lenovo 6.5 million. Lenovo experienced rapid growth last year, the 198%, thus reaching a market share of 3.3%. According to Gartner, Lenovo's success is driven by the launch of the new tablet models during the second quarter of last year, and also the sale of Yoga including Windows tablet models sold well.

From the side of a growth market, Samsung is a vendor with the highest sales growth, which is 336%. According to the Gartner it is caused by the expansion and enhancement of the Galaxy tablet which is coupled with a vigorous marketing.

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