Instant Ways to Fix Crashes In Firefox

Mozilla firefox is the most used browser by the user to surf in the internet world. This Browser has the ability to open many web at once in the form of tabs.

As one of the most widely used browser, Firefox does have a lot of advantages in exploring the internet. But of course, Firefox can also experience the problems that make use of the Internet activity being interrupted. For that there are a few simple ways that you can do to fix existing problems.

1. use Safe Mode
Similar to the Windows operating system, Firefox also provides Safe Mode in order to analyze and provide a solution in the event of a crash. This Mode will run Firefox without using a variety of add-on has been installed. To turn on Safe Mode, click the Help menu > Restart with Add-ons Disabled. You can also use the Shift key when pressing to start Firefox. If the crash does not occur when running in Firefox Safe Mode, the problem lies with the add-on that You install. Disable one by one until you find the problematic add-on.

2. Reset Firefox
Firefox users on a personal data store folder Profile. In that folder there are all the matters related to the problems occurred. But you don't have to check them one by one, in addition to the difficult, will certainly take time. For that, Firefox has been providing the Reset feature will display the new profile, migrate your bookmarks, history, saved passwords browser, as well as cookies. After doing a reset, you will restore the condition of Firefox in plain, without the extention, themes, or search engine. To perform a reset, click the Help menu Troubleshooting Information and click > Reset button Firefox.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration
Featured hardware acceleration using the graphics card for rendering text and objects on a page of the site. This is useful to speed up the display but requires a heavier CPU performance. And, in some cases, this feature can be problematic on the graphics card and its drivers. Disable this feature could be one solution. Do I click Options > Advanced and uncheck the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox.

4. Do the update
Crash can also occur due to not update its existing support software. Do update the Firefox, all plugins, and themes used extention, Windows, graphics card drivers, and security applications such as firewall or antivirus

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