New Features in OneDrive

SkyDrive is finally officially renamed into OneDrive on February 19. Despite being offered an outline of what is still the same, but it has additional features that OneDrive quite interesting. In addition it is claimed has undergone performance improvements as well as fixing all the disadvantages on SkyDrive, OneDrive also adds several new features to complement its main function as a cloud-based service store.

1. greater capacity
Now offering free save capacity OneDrive. Simply turn it on, you will automatically get an additional capacity of 3 GB than ever providing 7 GB. Means from here you've got a total of 10 GB. Users also can still add capacity. If you successfully invite colleagues or relatives to register an account at OneDrive, then it will get an additional 500 MB per account. This capacity is further limiting OneDrive up to 5 GB, so that if the user can get maximized capacity up to 15GB for free.

2. Collaboration in real-time
OneDrive integrates with Office 365 service owned by Microsoft, as in SkyDrive. It's just that the collaboration features add OneDrive really real-time. Previously, the document can be edited and shared with other users but not simultaneously. The user cannot see directly the process of editing being done by other users. Now OneDrive offers collaboration can be done simultaneously.

3. Video-sharing is better
Now offers video sharing feature OneDrive enhanced. If other users want to access a video, automatically will detect internet speed OneDrive owned by that user and customize it with the video quality. If the connection is slow, the video quality will go down. And if the connections are good, then the quality will be improved. This adds the comfort of users while enjoying video content under any circumstances.

4. Automatic Photo Uploads
This feature was originally only provided for users of iOS and Windows Phone 7, Android users but later was able to use it. The photo will automatically upload snapshots to OneDrive users have enabled for the account and have an internet connection active.

5. Application on Windows Phone
Although Windows-based smartphone Phone users (WP) not as much as Android or iOS, fixed focus applications OneDrive for its users. Of course because of the WP and the hosts on Microsoft products is OneDrive. Application OneDrive in WP provides many other additional features. Among other displays the folders in the Start Screen, OneDrive share multiple items simultaneously, as well as the look of the new thumbnails are more interesting.

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