Charge Your Smartphone Faster

The lengths of time the charge smartphones are indeed sometimes make bad. Especially for you in daily activity that deals with Smartphones. However, do you know that there are ways to do so faster charging time? But of course this way will not make the process of charging to be as fast as lightning. But at least you’ll feel the difference in charging time than does the Guide as the following:

Turn off your smartphone

This is the most powerful tool in accelerating the process of charging the battery. Logically, in a dead condition, meaning there is no unused power so that the charging process is faster. In addition, the condition of the dead battery will not be as hot when lit so there will be more durable.

Turn on Airplane mode

If you don't want to turn off your smartphone, you can activate Airplane mode. This Mode uses very low battery consumption because turning off the main feature that uses few resources, such as a phone (3 g) network, mobile data, GPS, and WiFi.

Do not use smartphone

Screen by using the power of the smartphone. Therefore, avoid smartphones to check over and over again. If you want to quickly fill to capacity, it's not fiddling with to just see the notifications, or even while playing games.

Use the proper charger

Try to always use the built-in charger that has been optimized to charge the battery. If you use another charger, use a charger that has a greater output.

Use electric plugs

Charging battery will be faster if done via electrical plugs are available. Using the USB cable is not the right solution if you questioned the length of time charging. Power is taken via the USB port has a smaller output (between 0.5-0.9 Ampere) while using the default charger has output 2 Ampere.

Turn off the feature/application

If you are a busy person and often gets phone calls, maybe turn it off while charging the battery could make the tough call. The solution, turn off some features or applications that proved many drains the battery.

Influence of temperature

Make sure that the charging device; avoid conditions that could cause overheating. For example, placed near other electrical components or exposed to direct sunlight. A hot battery will result in a decline in its ability to store energy. The more heat it will be ever more extravagant and the longer the charging time.

Two USB ports

If forced to fill through the micro USB cable, you can use a cable that has two ports. Plug the computer into two port and make sure there is no flow of power to another USB port. This process will be quicker than using a single USB port.

Battery calibration

A battery that is too often used to 0% could shorten the age which resulted in not completing the battery charging. Save battery immediately fill out on at least 5% condition. Did the battery calibration at least once a month with how to use it to 0% and the contents of up to 100% in the condition die? This way will make the batteries more durable and healthy. A healthy battery will be loaded faster and not quickly discharged than the already-ugly.

Replace battery

If you have already tried all ways but still charging lasts long, there could be problems on the battery itself. If so, we recommend that you immediately replace battery new quality that has no effect on other components.

Charge Your Smartphone Faster

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