How To Manually Block Sites Using Notepad

Is there an easy way that could be done to block specific sites without the need to install third party applications. Simply utilize the Notepad, you can restrict access to those sites. However, because the process uses Notepad, then blocking is only valid on the computer you use only and are not valid on other computers that reside in a single network. Here's how:

1. open Notepad

Open the Notepad application using access privileges as an administrator.

2. browse for the file

Browse for the file in the folder C:WindowsSystem32driversetc. Select the File Name with the name of the hosts. Don't forget to change the file selection to All Files. Click Open to open it.

3. Add command
After the file is opened will be performing the script where each computer has a different view. At the end of the line, add command followed by sites that would like to be blocked. For example, if you want to block the bottom line on the, add the If you want to add the blocking of another site, press Enter to create a new line and type in the same way.

4. the mobile version
By typing that command, you can not access the site desktop version. If they have a mobile version of the address, you also have to block it by adding more such orders in the previous step. Only this time enter the address of the mobile version, e.g. to

5. Do a test run
Close notepad and do the last Save. Open your browser (supports all popular browsers) and try to enter the address of the site is to prove that the site has been blocked. If you want to restore to original condition, you stay clear of the command line that was created last.

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