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Mobile phones (Nokia) Lumia you experience a hang? Or the screen does not respond to touch at all? Don't panic just yet, there are ways that can be done before you take it to a service center. The following will show you the ranging from the easiest way to ' rather dificult. Who knew that one of those ways could be the solution for the problem you are experiencing. This method can be applied on several series Lumia are there in the market today. Here's how:

Soft Reset

The easiest way is to turn off the device and turn it on again.

If you use a mobile phone with a battery that could be removed (like Nokia Lumia 520), open the back cover and disconnect the battery. Wait until a few moments before being reassembled.
If you use the battery that blends with the casing (like Nokia Lumia 920), you can press and hold the Volume Down button and the Home button simultaneously for a few seconds until the phone off by itself.
If your phone is still problematic, it could be damaged and the operating system can only be done by way of a hard reset.

Factory/Hard Reset

How to reset these can be done in two ways, namely through the menu and physical buttons. Keep in mind that doing this reset will erase data and applications that have been there before.

1. via the menu

This way most simple and can be done if the system is still functioning.

Go into the settings menu > About > Reset Your Phone. Wait until the process is complete, which takes about 5 minutes.
2. using physical buttons (the first way)

How can this be done if the system experienced a ' hang ' or could not access the menu. Doing it this way in accordance with the steps.

Turn off the device. Press and hold the Power button, do not release until the device causing shakes (vibrate). After shaking off, directly off the Power button.
Press and hold the Volume Down button, do not release until the screen displays an exclamation mark. After performing, off button Volume Down.
Then press the Volume Up and off.
Press the Volume Down and loose.
Press and release the Power button.
Press the Volume Down and loose.
Afterwards, the device will perform a hard reset. Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes until the process is complete by itself.

3. using physical buttons (both ways)

An alternative way to do that is to press and hold down the Volume Down + Camera + Power simultaneously until the phone cause vibration (vibrate), then release the Power button only with the other key is still stuck. After 5 seconds, then release all buttons.

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