This is new in Windows 10

What's new in Windows 10? Are there any features that are performed by Microsoft new OS on it?

Ah it's there. Start menu, which pass on Window 8, again adorn the Windows of 10.

While the new features are the notification bar and Continuum, which allows users to move seamlessly between modes of tablets and PCs.

Cortana, the Microsoft digital assistant, mentioned for the first time will be available on desktop computers. Like the American Series software Apple, Cortana can be used to ask or look for information on the web through voice commands.

While it's typical Microsoft productivity app, i.e. Office consists of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, will be incorporated into Windows on your mobile phone. Users will also be offered the ability to read PDF files and other files, which can be stored offline and accessed from his mobile device.

What about the new browser? Ah he named Spartan Project code. Interestingly, among other features, a mode of taking notes. So you can write and draw on the page by using the stylus. You can also share your writings of yesteryear, complete with additional notes to social networking and e-mail.

In the new browser is also available the option to change the appearance of the Web page making it look bak a book. Also there is a list that users can read articles and save pages to read later. Free Microsoft also mentioned may still be three to five more months before the Spartans could be used.

This new browser will be available on the desktop first. The mobile version of his following.

Official Xbox applications will also be included in any Windows device 10. Gamers will be able to play on a different platform.

One more, Photos app has been updated so that it is now powered by the cloud. Then the computer and mobile phone users will team up to create a collection of photos and albums.

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