Windows Phone can Do even in a Locked Condition

Lock your mobile phone has a purpose in order to avoid errors when users pressed accidentally. With the enable password feature, users can also protect your mobile phone so that other people can not use or access the phone. And those who enable the password feature, sometimes the user must fill in a password for each were beset by time using the mobile phone. However, do you know that there are some functions that can still be used although Windows Phone Mobile Phone in case of locked by password? These include:

1. emergency telephone
Emergency call is useful when a user needs help so the phone cannot be unlocked by passwords. When users have forgotten password screen locked, emergency call could be an alternative in using cell phones in an emergency. To use it simply by pressing the Power button and sliding the screen over to appear on-screen keyboard with function keys Emergency Call below.

2. set the voice ringtone
If you do not want to listen to the sound of ringtone when there is an incoming call, simply press the Power button then press the physical Volume until the Volume Bar appears in the notification area. Press the arrow keys to display the volume setting as a whole. In this area the user can set the sound volume for Ringer + Notification + Apps, Media, as well as activate the Vibrate function (shakes).

3. Camera
You can directly use the camera even though the mobile phone in a locked condition. It's just that the previous settings have to do beforehand. Go to the list of applications and choose Photos > More (by pressing the icon three-point) > Settings. Tick on the option Press and hold camera button to wake up the phone. Unfortunately, this feature applies only in a mobile phone that has a physical button shutter camera. Afterwards, you can directly access the camera function by pressing the shutter directly though camera is in a locked condition.

4. music and podcasts
While listening to the music and cell phone in a locked condition, the user can directly perform the function of rewind, fast forward, pause or play. Do I simply by pressing the Power button, and some of the functions on the player's music will be featured.

5. phone call
When a phone call comes in, the user can view the incoming phone number (as long as you've stored the number in your contact list) and decide whether to answer or not. The screen is locked, the user can directly take the call by pressing the Answer. And if it does not want to answer it, sliding over her stay or press the Slide Up and hit Ignore to send it to voicemail. The user can also press the Text Reply to directly send messages via SMS.

6. Calendar
Through the display of lock screen, users can see the time as hour or date through calendar function. In fact any schedule or appointments which had been made through calendar, it will automatically appear as a reminder in the form of a specific icon. To enable it go to Settings Lock > screen. On the Choose an app to show detailed status, select Calendar.

7. missed Messages
When busy or are in a condition that does not allow holding a cell phone, some of the notification will appear when the screen is locked. Icons are displayed according to the incoming message. For SMS and incoming calls will be visible on the display icon located at the bottom. As for internet-based notification such as chat from Whatsapp or fuel, will appear at the top of the notification.

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