Backup and Restore Windows 7 Easily

Reinstall is the last thing that must be done when the operating system is in a State of ' crummy '. Though necessary, this process could be troublesome, tedious even sucks. Rather than confront this problem continuously, we recommend that you make a backup of the system in the form of the clone image. So when the operating system is experiencing serious problems, ye restore backups of the system without the need to perform a re installation process.
This time it will show you how to do it quite by using facilities that exist in Windows 7. Make sure that your previous operating system backup to be in good condition and healthy, so that the process can later restore restores the system to the position at hand.

The Backup process system
Click Start > Computer, select the C drive and right click. Select Properties > Tools, click Backup now.
Select the Create a system image, later Windows will search for the location where the backup image is to be placed. You have a choice is placed on the new folder (must be on a different drive with C:), or choose in order that is placed burn to a DVD. If you want to put on the DVD make sure that its capacity is adequate.

Once you have selected the location, click Next. The system will confirm the application that you want to backup before continuing to the next step (tick if you want to do a backup, and deselect if not). Click Next, and the process will run. The length of time the backup depends on the capacity of existing Windows System.

Create a recovery CD
The results of this backup later be a file that can only be executed when the need to do system recovery operations. To run the recovery process, you must create a recovery CD which will help restore process later. For it to return to the Backup and Restore process. Select Create a system repair disc, insert pieces of blank CD into optical drive. Click Next, and the burn process starts. Once completed, Windows will display a confirmation window to let the recovery CD is ready to use when the recovery process.

Do a System Restore
Insert the recovery CD, restart the computer. Previous position the boot so that it starts from the CD/DVDROM which can be set from the BIOS. An open window will be System Recovery Options, select Restore your computer using a system image that you created, click Next.

Browse to the position where the last backup file created by pressing the Select a system image and click Next. Later the system automatically there will be overwritten by files from the backup operating system which we have done before. Wait until the process is complete and the system will be restored.

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