Download the APK files From Google Play Store

Rejected is always sucks, including by Google Play Store. That rejection occurs when you want to download a particular application. Reasons varied, ranging from the refusal of the application is not compatible with Android phones, applications that are not available to the market of Indonesia, and many other reasons.

However as a persistent singles, you can actually use other ways to install the application to the Android phone you. The trick is to download the apk file raw or Android applications installer. And to get the apk, here's how you can use.

1. Using the Browser plugin

The plugin named CodeKiem APK Downloader apk files function of each application that is in Play Store. Party developer claims to have the plugin versions of Chrome and Firefox, but our investigation shows only the available versions of Chrome. Please download the version of Chrome here.

Look for the item and click Downloader APK Options that exist under it. You must login by entering your email, password, and Android Device ID.
To start using APK Downloader, you must enter the following info you Gmail account Android Device ID

Android Device ID can be found by pressing *#*#8255#*#*. Find the hexadecimal numbers and the aid items behind it that's what Android is the Device ID. The other way is to download the application AndroidPit Device ID in Through this application, you get to know the Android Device ID information.

If login through the Downloader APK is denied, you can open the options settings in your Google account and select Enable in the Access option for less secure apps. After that you can login again via the APK Downloader.

Now when you open Google Play Store and look for certain applications, in addition to the Install button will appear also the button Download APK. Of course by clicking the Download button, the APK file you can download APK for the application in question.

2. Using the site Provider apk

The second way is to use a site that provides file download APK. One of them is Enter the name of the package or application URL Google Play Store, referring to the application into the box provided and click the button Generate Download Link. After link to download was created successfully, click the Click here to download [application name] now.
3. Using the application

The third way is to install APK application Downloader. The one that we have already tried is Apk Downloader by Nguyen Khanh Binh. Firstly, you need to enter your login information to Google Play Store on this application, then look for applications that want to be downloaded through this Downloader Apk application anyway. Once obtained, tap the Download button to download it.

This way has its own advantages, namely direct download APK files on gadgets that are used. So you no need to transfer files from computer to APK gadget.

Nguyen Khanh Binh works application is easier to use because the files go directly in the apk your Android phone.
Now you have a way of facing the rejection of Google Play Store

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