Logitech K480 Keyboard Review

Many of us who might type in smartphone, tablet and notebook interchangeably. This is because his OS might not be the same: Android for smartphones, iOS, and Windows for tablets for notebooks. So if you want to type a report on PC, you can type on the PC keyboard. When want to WhatsApp, moved in typing an smartphone (unless already install WhatsApp Web). So there's no hassle and concentration also Yes if it should move the keyboard and a device like that.

These complaints are heard by Logitech and is answered through the presence of K480. This is a wireless keyboard that can serve the three platforms at once: tablets, smartphones and notebooks. Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS can it recognizes. So too is an Android and iOS. So you simply use a Bluetooth-based keyboard.

Cycle the Switch Easy button at the top left, then you can move the keyboard in function three devices: computers, smartphones and tablets. There are label numbers 1, 2 and 3 in this key that is associated with the your devices later. If the keyboard is already connected you will be able to type up the report on the computer, and then type a chirp in the iPad tablet, or answer WA in the Android smartphone. Does not need additional app no matter what.

To be able to use the multiple-keyboard device, you simply do a one-time pairing. Turn on the Bluetooth feature in all your devices and press the pairing in Logitech K480 for three seconds. There are two buttons for pairing: PC and iOS. PC referring to Android, Chrome OS and Windows. The lights will blink blue when the connection was formed. For Cisco iOS, you do not need to enter a passkey, but for Windows and Android. This pairing was just a one time need to do. If you want to change the device, yes live pairing again. No need to unpair a device long huh.

Once the device is already connected, you can dock the tablet and smartphone-mu in a niche that is available at the top of this keyboard for easy typing and comfortable. Logitech is already making this as dock propping up smartphones and tablets with appropriate slope angle to read while typing.

Comfortable keyboard whose keys to type, reminiscent of the age of the typewriter. Tuts tuts-his rather rounded at the tip. Physically, this keyboard is a bit heavy and thick so unpalatable carried along. Understandably the Logitech designed it to be put on the table, not as portable keyboard (though if you want, you can just bring it). Hmm, there is the Windows Start button and the Command key on Mac OS.

This keyboard powered by the two AAA batteries which claimed could last for 2 years. The second battery is already installed in the back of the keyboard and you live revoke the label's protector.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480 Multi-Device is available in two color options: black with yellow dock, or dock parts white with gray.

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