Make your Own MS Word 2013 ScreenTips

ScreenTips in Word application is a small window that appears automatically when you point your mouse to a text that contains a brief descrption of the word. These ScreenTips feature by default has been active in Word in order to give a brief explanation of a function. You can also create your own description of ScreenTips on a Word, phrase, or image that was selected before. The following the steps:
1. The first thing you must do is to enable the feature through the following ways. Open Word and create a new document, 2013. Click File, on existing options, Search Options. The next window will open Word Options. On his right side, General options, specify the settings in the Screen Tip Style to Show feature descriptions in Screen Tips. Click OK and close the window.

2. To display a word or sentence ScreenTip homemade, you must block out words, sentences, or picture you want to display a ScreenTip. Afterwards, click the Insert tab. In section Links, select Bookmarks like in the picture below.

3. After selecting the Bookmark window will appear, and the Bookmark name column, type the word ScreenTips. Next click Add and the window is automatically closed.

4. next we will create a bookmark is connected to the link. So when you click that link, it will appear the word or sentence from the ScreenTip that you created earlier. For that make sure words, sentences or images have been blocked (highlights). And press "Ctrl + K to open the Insert Hyperlink window and select Place in This Document on the category Link to:.

5. in the window, look at the column on the right and select Bookmarks. See options inside by pressing the + sign to see the options that exist. If you have made the appropriate step four ScreenTips said, it will be performing a selection of ScreenTips and select that Word. To display the text in the ScreenTip ScreenTips, click on options in the top right like it looks in the picture.

6. create the text form of the desired words or sentences in accordance with the description of the ScreenTip ScreenTip Text into the box on the window Set Hyperlink ScreenTip. Click OK to finished off, and click OK again to close the Insert Hyperlink window. Afterwards, you can try to steer the mouse over the word, phrase, or image added ScreenTip. If successful, it will appear the text you created earlier.

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