Reset Canon IX6560 error 5b00

Printer Canon ix6560 also will experience an error 5b00, if your printer is ix6560 error 5b00, it indicates the printer need to be reset. How do I reset ix6560?

Here we will share how to Reset ix6560 error 5b00.

How to Reset ix6560 error 5b00:

1. Download the Resetter ix6560 5b00 error here.
2. A Printer Canon ix6560 have to be in a State of SERVICE MODE. Do I read the next step.
3. The Printer in OFF condition
4. Press and hold the STOP/RESET button followed by pressing the POWER button. So the two buttons depressed position.
5. Off the button STOP/RESET but not off POWER button.
6. In the circumstances the POWER button still depressed, press the STOP/RESET button as much as 6 times.
7. Then release both buttons simultaneously. Then 5b00 error ix6560 will be in a condition of Service Mode.
8. Your computer will detect the new hardware (Ignore)
9. The next step of Extract and run the Resetter ix6560 results download you had been.
10. In Clear ink absorber counter menu select Play then click the SET on the right.
11. ink absorber counter in menu select Play then click the SET on the right.
12. In case of an error 002 etc click sets, change-change the menu option in the ink absorber Counter, and then click set up ix6560 error 5b00 reset successfully.
13. Then click EEOPROM. then the printer will print a 1 page.
14. ix6560 error 5b00 will return to normal.

So a little sharing of us about how to reset a ix6560 error 5b00
Good Luck

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