Sync Android or iPhone with Windows 10

If you've upgraded to Windows 10, you can try the Windows app 10 Phone Companion Microsoft announced last March. He installed 10 with Windows by default. This app reflects the "new Microsoft" embrace non-Microsoft mobile platform that dominate the market: Android and iOS, in addition of course Windows Phone belongs to Microsoft alone.

The Companion Phone app is a tool that identifies Microsoft mobile app and help you install and configure app-the app and its services. That service is: OneDrive (automatic photos backups from a mobile device), OneNote Mobile, Skype, Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Outlook for mobile devices.

Personal Assistant Cortana for Android and iOS will be introduced later on, also the ability to download stream songs stored on OneDrive.

During the synchronization process Phone Companion app, check if you are connected to your Microsoft (Hotmail,, etc.).

He then asks you to download and install the app OneDrive for mobile devices. If you have already installed, skip this step.

If you choose to automatically upload photos to OneDrive, you will be able to find it by clicking on the link Photos in the left side of web page If there is more than one device backup to OneDrive, all fotomu will be stored in one place. Like Google Photos, OneDrive automatically download tag foto-fotomu with using technology identifier image.

When tested, we get some tags affixed to existing photos. There are tags, Animal, Beach, Group photo, outdoors, People, screenshots, and Sky. But as Google's Photo, image recognition technology OneDrive sometimes do the introduction.

If you connect your phone to the Android tablet PC or Windows 10-mu with the help of the USB cable, Companion Phone app will recognize the device based on the name of the model, shows the status of the battery charge, and links to help you manually move files using Windows app Photo or File Explorer. This app does not have to be used to move files anyway, can only be the knowledge for those who do not yet know.

If you use a USB cable to plug in your iPhone to your PC app Phone Companion will show less information compared to Android devices. The storage status appears only for the iPhone. No information or phone model battery charge status. However the link Photos and File Explorer to copy the files to the PC is present.

Good luck!

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