Tips For Extending The Range of WiFi

You have a wireless network (WIFI) at home, campus or Office, but can not bear its alias. Consequently when you shifted slightly away from the access point, the signal directly reduced, any direct data transfer rate slow down. Thus, there is no way in hell make a range of WIFI signals you wider? TP-Link share 4 tips create extend the wireless signal. This is it:

1. Optimize the position of the device is the wireless router you
The device wireless router you should put in an open room and away from other electronic devices. This is because the signal from other electronic devices can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal so as to reduce the range of Wi-Fi.
2. Upgrade the device wireless router you
If Wi-Fi at home you are weak and can't cover the whole room, maybe you should consider replacing the device wireless router with the wireless router. The technology of wireless router has now entered into a standard AC where it has been using the frequency of 5 GHz. wireless router Manufacturers such as TP-LINK has products that have the technology C9 Archer beamforming which has an extensive range and fast.
3. Use 2 frequency 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz
If you are using a wireless router technology AIR CONDITIONING, then we recommend that you enable both frequency for better performance. The number of devices that use a frequency of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi coverage resulted in a short while the 5 GHz frequency cleaner so that Wi-Fi could reach even further.
4. Use Range Extender
Sometimes homes are too broad or too much telling rather hard penetrated as well as reached by the best wireless router though. Therefore need additional devices such as a Range Extender. This latter Range Extender user's much sought after because of its ability to expand the range of Wi-Fi as well as easy installation. For example, the TP-LINK Range Extender is RE200 5 GHz that can be in a Wi-Fi signal in your home now and the installation of less than 2 minutes make it widely used.

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