Report a Problematic Application in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

The number of applications in the Windows Store for Windows Phone or computer user Store for mobile users the more days the number is increased, the more in line with the increasing number of variants of devices that use the Windows operating system desktop and mobile versions. But the need to look out for, it still found a number of applications are thus in fact bring the issue on the device used.
Did you ever find an application that is not in accordance with the description provided in the Store? The application or even make the device a ' hang '? If you find the application ' weird ', either as examples above, or there is a suspected application was manned by malware, viruses, or the like, you should report it to Microsoft.

The tight selection done Microsoft does not make ' rogue developers ' application to insert the kapok-made them for a variety of purposes. As a user, you can report if it finds problematic applications to the Microsoft.

After the ways, you just wait for the next Microsoft action. Microsoft will review each report entry and check if indeed reported problematic applications and worth removed from the Store. How, here's the steps:

How to report on Windows Phone 8.1

From the Store, select the application that was about to be reported. Slide to the right to position the page Details. Scroll down and press Report concern to Microsoft. Will be redirected to the website of Windows Phone. Be sure to log in to your Microsoft.
You will be directed to a page please report the problem. Here you can define a selection of reasons why such an application you are reporting. Press the Submit/Send to continue.

How to report on Store Windows 8.1

From the Store, specify the intended application, slide it to the right until you see the app Report to Microsoft, click Report this app for violating the Store's Terms of Use.
You can select the report listed in accordance with the complaints that are found. In the Reason, select one of them, like the Offensive content (content that are cornered or attacked), Child exploitation (exploitation of children), Malware or viruses, Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property concerns (copyright issues), Not accessible to people with disabilities (can not be used by a particular person), as well as Others. If less satisfied, you can add comments on the available column where it is limited to 500 characters. Next click Submit to send the report.

How to report via email

You can also send reports by email from the computer to the address The email must contain the complete information which consists of the application links in the Store, the developer name, application name, area or region in which the application is published. While the reported problems must be associated with one of the things like the offensive content, child exploitation, privacy concerns, spam content, as well as technical issues such as performance, battery usage, until about the crash.

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