Google Cardboard, way cheaper and practical experience the sensation of Virtual Reality

If the VR headset such as the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, or Samsung VR is still too expensive, Google cardboard present as an alternative for users who want to feel the thrill of virtual reality in a way that is easier and of course cheap. Up to this point in the ground water has many sites online that offer cardboard with different types of range with prices starting from 3$ to 23$ depending on the type and model.

Google itself has announced several types of smartphones that support full of cardboard. Support any gradually grew along with the increasing various kinds of outstanding smartphone. But certainly the smartphone must have two featured sensors namely Accelorometer and Gyroscope for head-tracking. If there are two sensors can be sure the cardboard will not function properly. Keep in mind, with many types or brands of smartphone that is present in the market, sometimes despite having two such sensors, some of which are virtual reality is still not functioning properly.

Armed with cardboard that has been assembled, users stay adds smartphone and live running the application that you want. There are a lot of those apps on Google Android users to Play. Here are some of the supporting application for free that you can try to feel the sensation of virtual reality.


Developer: Google Inc.

Is the official Google hosts applications that contain demos, including Google Earth as seen from the perspective of virtual reality, Tour Guide, Exhibit, Photo Sphere, Windy Day, and My Videos. This application is also useful as a launcher of applications you install VR. With it, you'll be makin it easy running, finding new applications, and also through setting up the device.

Paul McCartney

Developer: Jaunt Inc.

Want to feel the sensation of being in the middle of a concert? If Yes, the application displays the origin of the legendary singer Paul McCartney, United Kingdom, worth a try. Through this application, you seem to have participated are witnessed firsthand the concert attended by thousands of fans. In this application, Paul brings his creation that is one song Live and Let Die, and you can look around the concert arena that could be seen in position up to 360 ° and output stereo sound with 3D effects.

inMind VR

Developer: Nival

in Mind allows the user as if the brain was in a patient who is assigned a virtual basis to eradicate the neurons can cause disorders of the brain. Users will explore the brain cells and destroy all the neurons in the brain tissue in a way shot him through you. Besides it looks cool, applications created with fashion games arcade so adding fun when running it.

Cardboard Theater

Developer : Couch Games Software  
Cardboard Theater is supporting applications which will display 2D, 3D or video VR that you have with the feel of cinema. In addition to a panoramic 360 ° video, also supports 3D video display with SBS (Side By Side) or the Red-Cyan Anaglyph format, as well as the display of subtitles. With so many various options settings, make you can run various kinds of video with a variety format. This will make the video to life with virtual reality-style sensation.

Roller Coaster VR

Developer: Fibrum
This application will make you as if it were being boarded the rollercoaster rides with a variety of typical tension it evokes. To feel the sensation of a more real, run the application with the position while sitting in a Chair or standing. But beware, if you're not strong because it could fall due to the movement of the rollercoaster that seem real. Unfortunately the application is a demo and can only be run once. If you want to play again, you can clear the cache with deceive as well as data on this application, and then you can play it again.

Cosmic Rollercoaster

Developer: Raiz
Crawl space with high speed virtual experience is to offer this application. You will be invited to explore the cosmos and are treated to a view of the various planets. With an alluring visual display would make you experience such as Interstellar blockbuster movie or Gravity.


Developer: Otherworld Interactive
For those who like horror themes, the Sisters could be one of the applications that can be tried. Sisters is a game featuring the two characters the ghost woman. Using cardboard, you are invited to browse through the dark room and great on its own. Prepare your heart you because ghosts will appear suddenly from the direction that is not suspected. With shades of dark and the music is creepy enough support, it is recommended to use earphones to get the feel of a more gripping horror

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