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Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular and widely used. In addition to having superior performance, the browser is also favored because many of the settings that the user can do manually in order to improve performance by default. For that there are some things that must be done in order to keep the performance remains stable without any problems. Not only that, you even can also show some of the hidden feature by doing a little trick. Here are a few things that can be done: 

Clean the cache

This way is also commonly done on applications that are installed on Android. The large number of temporary files stored due to browsing activity indeed became one of the things that makes the performance becomes heavy. With cleaning it deletes temporary files and reorder existing data in Chrome. Temporary files is actually a useful moment to reopen the site faster. Yet long-duration will continue to accumulate that could make Chrome slow down. It is therefore clear to taste, not too too often. Do I go into the settings (on Android) > > Chrome Apps. Scroll down and click Clear cache.

Increase memory

Chrome for Android also has a hidden settings like on the desktop version. For mengakesnya type chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area in the address field. If you want the text will be highlighted yellow. Default and press Select to higher RAM capacity. But remember don't pick with an amount equal to the maximum RAM capacity of Android. When you are finished, press the Relaunch Now found on the bottom.

Activate Data Saver

If to open a site for too long, you can enable Data Saver which is a default feature of Chrome. This feature works by way of submitting a site that will be open to Google servers first, and will be compressed and then sent back. This process will make the site into a more lighter because smaller data and of course would save on internet usage. To enable it, go to Settings > Data Saver and set it to On.

Turn Off JavaScript

The number of interactive display of a site indeed make it interesting from the visual side. But can a damning performance browser and makes use of more data so wasteful. You can turn off some settings which one that is turning off JavaScript. By turning off JavaScript will speed up the process of opening a site because it is lighter and reduces the use of RAM memory in smartphones. But this also had an impact on the proper functioning of some of the views not of the site, especially those associated with interactive elements such as flash-based animated files. The Chrome on the menu, go to Settings, set the Site settings > JavaScript to position Blocked.

Activate Reader Mode

For those of you who just give priority to display text-based only, enable Reader Mode can be a solution so that Chrome performed much faster and also efficient uses of data. you enable this configuration with Kisa by typing chrome://flags in the address field. In the menu select Find in page and type Reader. On the Enable Reader Mode Toolbar icon select Enable.

Chrome sync between devices

Chrome has the features of sync that will equate the history or bookmarks from other devices as long as you use the same account. This will make it easier when venturing with devolve devices without having to find again what ever you save in Chrome. To enable this feature, simply turn on the same account on each Chrome installed on another device.

Play hidden game

Google Chrome include easter egg funny enough to fill the time when internet connection is being shut down or disconnected. If there is no internet connection, and you get the message You are offline, press the logo or image of dinosaurs. Later the game will run and you press the screen so that the dinosaur jump to avoid obstacles.

Chrome Updates

In addition to using the methods above, you can also perform the update using the latest version of Chrome. The latest version, Google has complete with various fixes and performance improvements compared to previous versions. So it is with some features that sometimes there is only on the latest version. For example, some of the above trick can not be done if you're still using an older version of Chrome so that manually setting more limited.

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