Edit Word documents Simultaneously in Microsoft Office 2016

It was released on September 22, 2015, the Office 2016 then presents some of the latest features with a significant difference from previous versions of Office. With this application, Microsoft wanted to give ease by allowing its users to be able to use the application from anywhere and with any device.

In addition it is one of the important points are present, namely the focus on collaboration. This is important in order to meet the needs of the users in the era of mobile and cloud. With it, Office-based application allows multiple users working on the 2016 a project simultaneously. And for those of you who want to try this feature, can follow the guidelines that we provide. The following the steps:

1. before an existing feature, make sure you login first using your account when you run the Microsoft Office 2016. Open or create a file of documents in Word, Excel. On the top right corner, click the Share button. Click Save to cloud. Next you will be directed to Save As, select the account and its location to store OneDrive file.

2. Share option, you can invite people by typing their email address or get them from your contact list. You can also change the permissions to edit or view only.

3. Then add the message to the document that would like to be informed to those who can access the file, and click Share.

4. If you do not want to use the method of sharing, you can click Get a sharing link found at the bottom of the Share options to be able to edit or view a link from that file. Through this link you can copy and send it via email, IM, or other.

5. After the split documents by those who earn OneDrive, the right to edit, can easily open the file through 2016 as well as the desktop version of Office online, and you can go do a collaboration.

6. If you are is a person who makes or share documents, will get a notification saying that another user is currently editing the document. You will also be asked whether the document will automatically be changed according the editing done. Click Yes if agreed.

7. When collaboration in real time, you can only work on or edit documents that others do not or have not done. For example, if working on a paragraph, you can continue to edit the document, but cannot edit the other paragraph that is being edited by another person, such other person to move to the next paragraph.

8. If there is something about to communicated with others, Search tab Share. From here will be shown throughout the other users who are editing the file. Navigate or select the person to be contacted, then will perform a selection of IM, voice, video, chat, or send an email. But do not forget to install Skype in advance if they want to talk with other users.

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