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With increasingly good Android system, have a lot of emails is not a thing that is troublesome. Users can combine the whole of that service and quite open it through one application only. Android Email application service allows users to incorporate various email services and stay open it from here. 

The GMail Service

When you enable Android, users are required to enable your Google account (Gmail). Thereafter automatically Google email account will be active and can be used directly. Android itself provides two applications for email, a special application for Gmail which is devoted to the email service set up one, and another one that is a Email application is an application to collect the entire email service.

1. Settings

To set the alignment and more, go to Options Settings that are present in the upper part. Press the Gmail account, there is an option that can change in accordance with the wish.

2. set the alignment

Users can schedule alignment through categories Sync settings. Press the Sync schedule to arrange when incoming email can be received. You can specify one based on a specific time where there are a variety of options.

The Yahoo! Mail Service

Yahoo! which is famous for its email services also include some features that could be relied upon to regulate all matters that relate to email. In order to make it easier to set up any email from Yahoo!, it's good you use Yahoo! Mail applications obtained from Google's Play. But if you want to unify with other email services via Email application from Android, you must activate it through the following ways:

1. Enter your account

Locate and open the Email application to run it. Press More to next go to settings and select Settings. In the Email settings tap Add account. Enter your Yahoo! email address and their password. Click Next to continue.

2. Setting the alignment

If true, you'll find the alignment settings can be set as you wish. If you don't want to change it, ignore and press Next. Enter account name to differentiate with other emails. Press Done and finished. The Yahoo! email service will be automatically incremented with other email services that you have already set up in the Email application belongs to Android.

Exchange ActiveSync Settings

For those of you who have email service from Microsoft such as Hotmail or Outlook, can be combined with other email service which will be embodied in the Email application on Android. To install the email from these services is pretty easy, here's how:

1. Add account

Go into Settings that are in the app dining drawer, press Accounts options, and select Add Account. This option will enable Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account.

2. Enter the data

Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and enter data in the form of an email address or username and password. Press Manual Setup, You will be asked to fill the Domain/Username, password, and the Exchange server. Be sure to mark the check Use secure connection (SSL). Press Next.

3. Setting the alignment

Of each option listed, you can specify the alignment of the Yahoo! email service can do this. Press Next and then the account name in order to differentiate with other email which you have had before. Completed.

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