Understanding, Functions and Types of RAM

Random acces memory or in short RAM is a computer hardware or hardware which is very important. Understanding the ram in a nutshell is a hardware function to store temporary data, unlike the case with ROM. Indeed the same functionality that is to store the data, but the ROM the data permanently aka forever.

Understanding RAM

Understanding RAM IE as a tool for storing computer data that is temporary, in addition of RAM can also serve as a tool in use to speed up the process of computer performance, the greater the capacity of the RAM, then the faster computer performance.

Well if you're a gamers or like to play games surely besides the capacity of good VGA, RAM you must also, in order for high-capacity computer performance not slow. Supported by a large RAM makes the game fun and getting your computer not bogged down when in use to play games.

RAM Functions

Random acces memory also has an important role and function to a computer, well here are some of the functions of RAM.

Accelerate the process of work computer

This is a very prominent function of a RAM, that is, to speed up computer performance. Because if the small RAM, your computer will slow, or likewise slow instead, if large-capacity RAM, your computer will work optimally and quickly.

If your computer often hank or slow try replace the RAM with a bigger, faster computers in order for the process to work.

Store Data Temporarily

Another function of a RAM that is storing the data the computer while the computer is on, so when turn on, then the ram started work and if that computer in turn then the data stored by the RAM is erased and are not stored permanently by the RAM.

Computer Multitasking

The function next RAM that is useful for the use of multitasking on a computer, where the sense of multitasking is could we access or open applications simultaneously in one time, for example, you want to play music at the same time with internet surfing, well this is called multytasking. This is the function and role of RAM a computer that supports the existence of a multitasking system.

Types of RAM

Along with the development of technology and the modern era, RAM also has other types of from time to time, and here are a few types of RAM

SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)
DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)
SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory)
RDRA (Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory)
EDO RAM (Extended Data Output Random Acces Memory)
DDR SDRAM (Double Date Rate SDRAM)

Currently the type most used by users is a DDR SDRAM RAM types, because it had a high speed system compare to other types of RAM. Well maybe you just know the type of RAM DDR2 or DDR3 RAM, which is actually a type of RAM this is the evolution of this type of DDR SDRAM.

And when it does DDR SDRAM less familiar among users and the more bustling is the type of DDR RAM which is a development of the DDR SDRAM. And no doubt from time to time will continue at renew.

Maybe it's just the sense of RAM, RAM Functions And types of RAM, hopefully by reading this article you are more savvy about the notion of RAM along with its functions. Thank you.

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