How to Troubleshoot a Locked Screen on Android

Forget indeed be human nature that sometimes can't be avoided. Of course this can be quite annoying, especially if associated with a locked phone. If you install the lockscreen on Android phone and forget the used protection, don't panic. There are still some ways that can try to open it. Here are a few that could be tried,
Android Device Manager
For Android devices 4.0 and above, users can take advantage of the features of Android Device Manager. This feature is a great way that you can use to get through a locked lockscreen. As long as the device is logged in using your Google account, the user can control it from another device such as a computer or laptop. To open a locked phone, first visit the link Afterwards do a login using your Google account with the same cell phone that is locked. You will be directed to a site that displays brief information will the cell phone. Click the Lock function on the page, will be shown to fill in a new password that will replace the PIN, password, or the pattern of the lockscreen is locked. When you are finished, click the Lock. From here, Google will change the lockscreen password in about 5 minutes.
Find My Mobile
Samsung Android device for the user, there is a service similar to Android Device Manager by the name of Find My Mobile. Sign in to links from any browser, and login using the account with Samsung. If not previously have an account in this way, then the Samsung will not succeed. Then create an account quickly, Samsung in order to prevent the occurrence of unwanted things. After a successful login to the account, click the button Lock My Screen located in the left pane. From here enter 4 new PIN and click on Lock located at the very bottom. In two or three minutes ahead, lockscreen password will be replaced with the PIN.
Forgot Pattern
If you use your mobile phone with the Android system 4.4 down, try using the Forgot Pattern features. After 5 times failed to enter password lockscreen, you will medapati the message "Try again in 30 seconds". When this message appears, tap button at the bottom that reads "Forgot Pattern". From here select "Enter your Google account details", then enter your main email address Google as well as a password. Google will send messages to email to unlock a locked lockscreen.
Factory Reset
If you are not too concern for data stored in a locked cell phone, one of the easiest ways is to do a factory reset. The process varies on every device but most Android phones use the same way. In the condition of the die, restart the phone by pressing a bit long with the Volume Down and Power simultaneously. If successful the bootloader menu appears. From here press the Volume button Down twice to get into Recovery mode options. Press the Power button to select this mode. Next hold down the Power button and press the Volume up button once, otherwise you will enter into recovery mode. To the Volume button to be directed to "Wipe data/factory reset", press the Power button to select it. After the process is complete, select "Reboot system now" and the system will return to its original condition.
ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
ADB Android SDK package is contained in a very large size. If you want to use the ADB only, simply download it via the link Before installing a minimum of ADB Fastboot, make sure your mobile phone is connected first to the computer using the USB data cable. Don't forget to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. After the ADB attached, automatically will perform the command prompt from a directory of ADB. From the window type the command adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key and press Enter. Next reboot your phone and automatically display lockscreen will disappear so you can go back to access the cell phone. However this only applies on the first boot, so make sure you immediately install new protection in the form of pins, pattern, or password.
Safe Mode
If a locked lockscreen is a third party application, rather than the default lockscreen Android, booting from safe mode is the easiest way to do it. To get into safe mode, some Android phones sometimes use different ways. But in General simply by pressing the Power button somewhat longer, later there will be a warning to go into safe mode, and press Yes/OK to approve it. If not, you can find how to go into safe mode via internet based on mobile phone use. If it managed to get into safe mode, the lockscreen will be disabled temporarily. From here, you can just delete the application and third party do lockscreen reboot the phone normally.
From Lockscreen UI
How can this be done for users of Android phone 5.0 until 5.1.1 Lollipop. But this method is only successful if the lockscreen method using a password, and not the pattern or PIN. First press the Emergency Call on lockscreen option, enter the 10 digits until full and do copy on the number and paste into the same column. Do keep up to the full column and not enough accommodate the amount of characters a lot. Back to the lockscreen and open the camera by pressing the shortcut. From here notifkasi scroll down and tap the Settings icon and will be asked to fill in a password. Press and hold the old input column and select Paste, do this several times until the full column and eventually crashes. At the time of the crash this is you will be able to access the display interface that had been locked away passwords.

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