How to Reset Epson L210 with Software or Manually

Everyday activities at home or Office, not in spite of the use of the printer as the output media job, task or just a regular print. Sometimes users it happens obstacles faced, from the mild and light in weight, for example depleted of ink or paper jam.

Another example, is the installation of a new cartridge. Still new but in fact can not be used, it is usually not directly read or even error which makes the job constraints. Things like this are not uncommon, there is definitely just an obstacle in the use of the printer.

This time, the Admin get reports from users that the printer uses experienced blink-blink (blinking) take turns. Usually things like this happened over print or printer getting the maximum limit of their limits. Epson printers are used namely L210.

The existence of the original additional tanks did make us forget how much we already print since the first bought it. Very efficient in use and turn of the ink, but must be in check also how much we do the printing.

Back to the problem, the printer that the band can not be used at all, and become obstacles for users. There are 2 ways to fix these, i.e. alternately blink by manual and automatic (using software). Admin tried doing a reset by manual:
How To Reset Epson Manual L210 (Without Software)

  • Unplug the power for about 5 minutes
  • Turn it on again
  • Press the power button and hold the button resumes (ink logo) hold 5 seconds then off
  • Press and hold again for 3 seconds then release
  • Let the printer, if the process is successful then the printer will be back to normal

If the manual way fails, then do the reset with the use of software, software download here.

application resetter above, can be used also for the Epson series L110-L210-L300-L350-L355.
Reset Epson L210 with Software
  1. Turn on the Printer and the Printer Driver must be already installed on the computer.
  2. Download the Resetter Program Epson L110, L210, L300, L350 and L355 
  3. Run the program Resetter Epson L110, L210, L300, L350 and L355 with double click Adjprogcracked.exe
  4. Then follow the guide in the following image:



After you run the appropriate sequence of images, the Epson Printer L110, L210, L300, L350 and L355.
You will be ready to use the epson printer again.
Resetter Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355

Thank you for visiting and good luck

Epson L110, L210, L300, L350 and L355 Blink Reset

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