How To Reset Epson Printer L130 L220 L310 L365 L360

After posting earlier I discussed how to how to reset Epson printer series L210, L110,L300, on this occasion I returned discusses how to reset Epson printer the more L-series new Epson L130 L220 L310 L360 L365. Other than the discussion of how to reset, you can also get the program that I share it for free. A little review about reset Reset printer. Reset the printer that I describe here is a way to address the problem of the printer where the printer can not print process that mark with the indicator blinking ink and paper interchangeably since the printer began being lit and the message appears Waste ink Is Full, or the Ink Pad Is At the End Of Its Service Live on a computer connected to the printer is found.

Waste Ink Is Full warnings, or Ink Pad Is At the End Of Its Service Live this is a sign of where the printer detects that the shelter of disposal that is in the printer is already full and have to replace it with a new one. However, this does not mean the physical disposal place is full, because basically the printer is not detecting the full or whether the disposal of the printer, but the printer just calculate how large the print activity you've ever done and already how much ink has been thrown or in the cleaning by the printer. Here's how to cope with the waste Ink Is Full, or the Ink Pad Is At the End Of Its Service Live. Just follow the steps below. Download reseter program used to be before. For the download link can be found at the bottom of the posting. After successfully downloaded please extract file first. For the next step please open the folder and click file extract results Epson Adjustment program display will appear later reseter. For it looks like the image below. Then you can click on Select

After you click select, later will appear again a new window like the following

On the display above, you are required to select serial printers would you reset, there will appear a few models that support for the reseter Epson printer series consists of a L130 L220 L310 L360 and L365. After you select a series printer, and then you select the printer port, of course you are going to connect to reset the computer and have also installed the driver, search the port that Your printer is detected, if the printer you are going to reset Epson L220 type, then search for the USB port Epson L220 which detects and then select OK. My advice just select Auto selection will be the next display appears as follows. Then please select the Particular adjustment mode

 Then select on the Waste Ink Pad Counter. then click Ok

In this section do not forget to provide a tick part Main Pad Counter. Then click Initialization.

Later a new window will appear and please directly click OK. After that it will be visible to the process of resetting, and usually only briefly.

If the process is already gone wrong, then will appear a message like the picture below. Please click OK and then restart the printer that is being reset.

For the last step, kilik the finish button and you're done. Epson printer L130 L220 L310 L360 L365 was successfully reset. get resetter


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