Watch Youtube Without An Internet Connection, How To Do?

Most internet quota sucked when doing streaming video on Youtube. Video format does have a large amount of data compared to data-based images or text. If you want more mengirit use of quotas, better save just the video that is on Youtube so that later it can be played without having to use an internet connection. Here's how:
1. Search videos
Make sure you have an internet connection using Wi-Fi connection. Run the Youtube video and specify the stored. After the video, can note icons Download icons is located between Share and Add to.
2. Download the video
Press the icon Download, but before notice can Download icons are enabled or not.If not, then the video is indeed Youtube is set up so that it can not be downloaded.
3. Resolutions
If successfully pressing the icon Download, you will be asked to vote for a resolutionthat would like to download. The higher the resolution, then the greater the size of the video file. Click OK to continue and wait until the file is complete.
4. check video
The finished video is downloaded already reside in special folders. To try it out, you can turn off the internet connection. Run again automatically to Youtube and you will be directed to the Download folder that resides in the Library category.
5. Play offline
Download folder will be seen videos that have previously downloaded. From here you can play the video without using an internet connection. Videos stored in those folders will still be there for 29 days in conditions of offline.
Download Playlist
Not only is the video, you can also download a playlist consisting of a collection of some of the video option. By downloading the playlist, you can play the entire video that exists offline and without download them singly. Here's how:
1. view your playlist
Before make sure the internet connection is active. On the Youtube home page, navigate to the Library. From here the search playlist and tap on a playlist will be downloaded.
2. Download the playlist
In the playlist, press the Download icon in the top left hand side. The more video you downloaded, it will be more and more also the data stored. Press Ok to continue.

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