How to make a USB Extender Cable 10 meters.

Discussion this time is about how to make a USB cable 10 meters. Maybe you've had, at the time of linking flash drive or modem to an extension USB cable (USB Extender) it turns out that the device is not recognized by your computer, even though the Flash, modem and USB port  works well. Why does this happen? 

It recognizes no flash drive, a modem or other USB devices when we connect with an extension USB cable (USB Extender) is caused by the quality of the USB cable extenders that are less well so current decrease occurred which resulted in the device Our USB may not work perfectly. As a result, the USB device we be unresolved (USB can not recognized)

Perhaps you don't have time to make it could order here:

USB cable extender manufacturer 10 metres is not necessarily the quality is good and not necessarily suited to the USB device. In the price a USB cable extender 10 metres is also somewhat expensive i.e. 100 thousand more. The size of the diameter of copper grounding quality are small and less good cause USB cable extenders that are sold over the counter less able to mendriver the modem within more than 1 meter or modem will not be recognized.

How do I solve it:
This problem can be overcome by making your own USB cable extender by using UTP cable BELDEN quality 1 (wired LAN/network). Cable UTP copper core diameter greater than ordinary USB extender cable, as well as better quality copper. This is because the cable UTP is indeed used to send data with the loss slightly, so that these advantages we can make as a tool to make the USB cable extenders that are good quality.
How to make a USB Extender Cable 10-15 meters.

Previously we need to know first, USB cable extender cable consists of 4 regular:
  • Red: 5 volts dc
  • Green: data +
  • White: data-
  • Black: ground.
While the cable UTP/LAN consists of 8 cables are:
  • Orange
  • White orange
  • green
  • white green
  • blue
  • white blue
  • white chocolate
  • brown.
Tools and materials Manufacture USB cable Extender 10 meters:
  • USB extender cable 1 metre of ordinary we already cut at both ends of the colokannya. Plugs it is what we use. 
  • UTP cable Belden KW 1:10 Metres maximum 15 meters.
  • Tenol/lead to connect the cables.
  • Solder, scissors, cutter, and isolation.

The following USB cable extender configuration cable UTP:
  • UTP cables are orange and white orange combined and linked with the red cable USB extender.
  • UTP cable is connected to the Green Green cable USB extender.
  • UTP cable white green white USB cable is connected to the extender. 
  • UTP cable the rest merged all and is associated with the black cable USB extender. With enlarge ground, then the possibility of loss (loss) current is very small.

Once finished, tidy up the connection cord with a USB extender cable insulation and 10-15 Meter is ready for use.

Good luck

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