How to troubleshoot and repair the Damage the Printer Disjointed Writing

How to troubleshoot and repair the Damage the Printer

Have electronics in particular printers, or often touch and use the Printer for personal use, business, Office or another, sometimes experiencing various problems on the Printer. Ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Various problems and trouble often or never happened on your printer/PAL. If still lay certainly confused. Perhaps some problems or damage the Printer the following often happens:

Disjointed Writing

For trouble or problem the writing dashed on the mould can Printer results caused two kinds, namely:
*) Caused inkjet printer I've started timeout
*) Because the ink catridge holes on the surface of frozen (or worse could lead to a printer can not eject the ink at all)

Well, here's the steps how to resolve the PAL froze catridge do:

1. click File – Print – > > Properties – Maintenance – > > Cleaning
-Do this a few times
-After that it checks the results of cleaning of yesteryear with the way click  "Nozzle check "
In case the results of its stripes not disjointed (like the example prints from the software) means it has managed to fix the problem the printer.

2. But if the above do not work, can do a deep cleaning by means of clicking on  "Deep Cleaning ".
-Deep cleaning and cleaning work to pump out the ink catridge holes on the surface. But don't do this too often, do as necessary. Because it can make automatic or ink will be quickly exhausted.

3. If the above two ways still not managed well, following another way that could buddy do:
-Open the printer cover and grab the cartridge
-Soak the bottom of cartridge into hot water a few minutes
-Let the ink out of the pit catridge inundate Bowl (dilute the ink printer freezes last)
-After a while, drain the bottom catridge by using paper towels
-If necessary drain the first ink in catridge by using syringe (this can be done because usually the ink in the cartridge that has the entry of water so the colors emitted less maximum)
-Please do the refilling of ink because of yesteryear have been much out and dissolves along the water
-After that reinstall catrige into printer

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