Profit and Loss Refill Toner Cartridge Laserjet Printer.

Refill toner, as an alternative to other actions, always have the potential advantages and disadvantages. Among the disadvantages of refill toner, the results are not as good as the original, sometimes there is a problem, sometimes cause damage to the printer, this risk is to big. But don't worry too much advantage to refill the toner,
including cheap cost (can save up to 85%), the result can also be nice original terms and condition applies, the block could be more concentrated than the original toner, toner refill time 5-8 savings can already to buy a new printer, printer toner refill because damage was actually small and refill process can be pressed if handled masterfully.

Loss refill toner

* The prints are not as good as the original. 
Thin block print (raster) somewhat rougher than on the original, toner for delicate images of the original toner can give you a better image and more. Can be addressed by lowering the degree of rasternya to get the result that approximates the original. When it's not so ordinary matter.

* Sometimes there is a problem.
You home place refill toner, it was not clean, there are patches etc, so you will have to return again to the place artisan refill, back and forth again. Very troublesome. Better use the original toner, no problem, always a good thing.
This can be overcome by selecting an expert handyman refill indeed to reduce back and forth refinement. Once the process of toner refill directly known problem, addressed and sorted out so nice results. Better longer if there's delivery service, if there is a problem, you still don't bother. Better to mention if you had any spare cartridges. So exhausted directly install backup, which is discharged directly submit fitters refill to be processed, so 1 day or 2 days no problem, printers remain the road continues. What if it had only one toner only, can I buy new toner or toner remanufaktur/recondition save up to 60%. 

* Sometimes cause damage the printer.
This is actually the most serious losses and need to look out for. But fortunately the percentage chances are not great. For us to cultivate the field of refill toner refill, we have thousands of toner, the printer we have a lot of work, most of the damage to the printer caused by wear and tear and spare parts dead. There are also cases Formatter die because the toner spill exposed led to konsleting an electric current. If the process is done with a refill is nice and all good parts, such problems can be minimalisir.

* Is it reasonable that there are disadvantages, because the cost of refill only 10% higher than the cost of purchasing the original toner. If You want that as good as the original then please use the original, only about $50. If you want to refill a toner-saving only about $7.

Toner refill low cost advantages.

* With the low cost we can save money, save can reach 85%. If bought new toner with a price of around $50.  with refill toner we just need cost approximately $12. And approximately $7 for the cost of refill, the rest to replace the spare parts cost. With savings of 6 times refill only accumulated approximately $230 money. This price is enough to buy a new printer, even residual, since the price of a new printer range $115 only.

* The prints can also be good.
If you want to print good results as good as the original, then everything needs to be selected. Home tonernya are still worth, parts must be healthy, tonernya powder, tested all nice and clean, refill process is done carefully by a skilled technician. If such results are almost as good as inshallah toner original.

* The block is more concentrated than the original toner.
When the condition of the printer and the toner tintanya also fit, nice, then often results more concentrated bloknya of print toner original blog. Screen printing artisans and builders seals usually prefer toner refillan toner from original due to bloknya more concentrated.

* Refill toner 5-8 times saving enough to buy a new printer. Sometimes people don't want to refill the toner by reason of a risk of losing money due to damage to the printer. In fact by buying the original toner there is also the risk of losses. Sometimes the original toner prints occurred nor is good, and certainly there is a risk that is always the case that is losing more money to purchase new original toner. $50 is to small toner, if such new 5000 hp printer toner can reach 2 million. You choose which. Yes it's up to You

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