3 Tip the Printer Rarely Used So It is Not Damaged

Printers rarely used no doubt will influence on performance of existing hardware or spare parts in machinery such as Printer and cartridge. However, for those of you who are indeed very rarely use the Printer but the Printer you want to remain durable and not quickly broken, so we recommend reading this article with intact and not in bits and pieces so that the results are good.

Printers rarely used indeed actually very not recommended especially if the printer that you have completely the engine never turned on will this affect against the weakening of the power of the hardware or spare parts that are on the printer you are making, many people complain if printernya not natural maximum damage.

Before you find out how caring Tips Printer is rarely used, it's good you know against the usual problem exists on the Printer suspended. Among them is will be no problem on cartridge, ink, clogged and other infusions.

Rarely used: Printer problem

1. Cartridge will dry up
When you are not at all turn on or not using the printer for a long time then ensured the cartridge you will naturally damage due to the occurrence of drought. This can cause less good when you print.

2. Infusion will be clogged
Still the same Cartridge, if you are not using the printer for a long time, it can cause your printer infusion natural blockages this is due to the ink dries further blockage occur and ink wasted. 

Three Tip the Printer rarely used so as not to Shred

1. Recommended Intensive turn on printer: we strongly recommend to you so often turn on the printer does not print even though you only Minimal, you turn and do a Nozzle or Cleaning or print once a week with the aim of can warm the ink so as not to dry fast. 

2. Wear a thin paper
If you want to print a document, we highly recommend you order the best paper media such as wearing thin paper, due to the type of paper you use thick it can make your printer easily damaged. 

3. turn off the Printer with the correct
When you're done printing the Printer, we highly recommend that you turn off the printer in order to correctly eject way in my computer, then press the power button on the printer. This will make your printer is durable.

That's 3 Tips Printers rarely used so as not to Shred we could discuss in the article this time, hopefully can be a reference for you all. If you do the above, surely the printer that you use infrequently can keep good results. Good luck.

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