Networking Essentials that are Often Made Trivial

Arguably this time, especially in big cities, almost every House/Office/other buildings now have an internet connection. When you have an internet connection, or whether it also had certain ADSL Modem-Router, Wireless Router or Access Point.

But there are some important things that are often forgotten or often made trivial:

1. the device default Password

Probably 8 out of 10 who put up perangkat2 org tsb let passwords in default conditions, with a reason of bermacam2. This is a very FATAL because when a user can enter into the network, then she will have easily access to the web configuration and do what he wants.
So check your device and immediately change your password as hard and long as possible (a combination of numbers and characters recommended).

2. Wireless Network still use SSID/Wireless Network Name default factory

Many of us who let the SSID using the default factory, also FATAL, why? Usually 90 percent org that let the SSID default conditions, also allow wireless security in conditions of default aliases no security. Also by letting the SSID in default conditions, allow  "neighbor's" the curious and naughty looking for information about the security hole of the product in question and make your device as a means of exercise:-)
So change the default SSID to your name that you like.

3. No Security in Wireless

This continued from the second, an awful lot of that use wireless device but still did not use the security with the reason kalo pake ribet lah, security is difficult or unreasonable reasons more. If your network is not a public area, why would you let your wireless without security?

4. Wireless Security? Pake dunk WEP

Come on, guys ... This year 2010 (2012, hiiiiii bentar again), why are you still pake udah technology at all? Reasons of compatibility? Doesn't make sense, all of the devices now support WPA/WPA2 (if by chance you are not lucky, wirelessnya device not yet support WPA/WPA2, you can discard the device and replace the tsb to D-Link Wireless Product:-D)

5. Backup Config Files

Now all the manageable network devices must have a feature to do a backup config files, so make sure you always backup your config file and store it in a safe. When something happens on your device, you can restore him easily.

6. Check the Firmware of your device vendor and regular upgrades

There is no single vendor who guarantees his firmware bug-free. There is certainly any software bugs, so always check that your device have a firmware upgrade or not. For users of the D-Link in Indonesia, can check at

7. Make Document Record of your network

Perhaps many would have thought that the network documentation only for large corporations where large networks as well. This is incorrect, even the slightest network at home though, it needs documentation. What should be documented? Just simple hal2 spt: IP address of the device to talk about and username/password from masing2 device.

8. Check the security setting of your device's factory default

After we observe many devices, especially ADSL modem/router, which has default settings that are dangerous access WebUI/telnet/ping from WAN side open!!! In other words, the devices your router open to be accessed by anyone from the internet. But there is an opinion that said, but khan to be able to access IP Public should know I used to be, so secure dunk? Safe? Later first hehehe, when you idly try to test some of the IP range mirip2 with IP Public you get, then you will find that the IP-IP they will be inaccessible because the default security settings that are incorrect. So make sure you DISABLE access WebUI/telnet/ping from WAN and if you want to open for some reason, you have to change the listening port (there are a few brands that do not have the feature to change this).
When you user the ADSL Modem/Router, D-Link, you can breathe a sigh of relief because by default the device we close all access from the WAN and allowed us to change the listening port if required to open access from the WAN.
When you find that there is a device the ADSL/Router D-Link that opens by default, immediately report it to us, we will fix this problem as soon as possible.

So currently the check list for you, please check your device and make sure to comply with all the check list above

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